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      Published under the Customs electronic components exports can be seen in the first half of 2010 1 sharp growth in domestic exports of electronic components. However, media reports, under the influence of European and American market, Guangzhou Electronic enterprises in Zhongshan area but does not appear in order of July season due, this is not only questioned the prospect of export of electronic components.

      Although the Customs released the electronic components exports in the first half that the situation well: 1 $ June in domestic exports of parts and components, an increase of 44.57%. June domestic exports of parts and components of which $ 4.715 billion, an increase of 48.16%.

      Health benefits of science and technology Secretary Wen Shilong Tung admits that exports account for a large proportion of the revenue, the company’s growth and recovery in export growth in the first quarter are inseparable. However, as a non-Terminal electronic component manufacturers, our exports are not directly related to markets in Europe and America. "Most of our exports is mainly refers to Southeast Asia and Hong Kong also sth In fact, most of our exports will come back to China. ”

      Similarly, electron, Hua Tian technology export more of Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea and China Taiwan, Hong Kong region. When reporters asked export impact on company performance, their attitude, both are somewhat conservative. At the same time, also said the export base is too low in the past was an essential cause of sharp increase in exports this year.

      More people in the industry say, as a global electronics manufacturing hub in Taiwan in July its export orders have been falling. The claim that export growth may not be able to meet in the second half of the second quarter the "historical high". Arguably, three quarters should be export season, for Christmas sales in Europe and Golden season approaching. But some from Taiwan to see exports even compared to last year and still have a growth, but growth rates are unlikely to exceed the first half of this year.

      Stock journal, the future of the factors influencing the domestic exports of electronic components has consulted thousands of securities industry analyst Feng Fu, both from his analysis of affecting exports of electronic components.

      First, the situation in Europe and the United States continues to affect exports of electronic products in China, in particular the European debt crisis is fading. Although many electronic components manufacturer directly for the Southeast Asian market, Japan, South Korea and China Taiwan and Hong Kong, but the end product consumer countries in Europe and America, will become a decisive factor in domestic exports of electronics products--"as the downstream industry’s electronic components business, European debt crisis will gradually transfer to China. ”

      Another factor is that domestic manufacturers would affect exports of electronic components in stock. Feng Fulai believes that strong demand in the first half increased inventory of electronic component manufacturers, especially in downstream production of electronic components for enterprise inventory to be in the digestive tract, which may lead to reduced orders.


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