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      Enterprise of data center room is power consumption of "large", due to computer device perennial every day 24 hours runs of needs, room venues within to independent set air conditioning regulation system, and for meets room environment temperature, and humidity, and air containing dust concentration of technology requirements, for room environment conditions technology protection of other device, again plus computer device itself of electricity, constitute room total of electricity load.

      Therefore, under the power shortage in the country’s environment and energy saving of the enterprise data center room without delay. Seen from the engine room power distribution, IT equipment accounts for electric energy of total energy consumption, cooling system 44% 38%, 15%, lighting accounts for cent per cent of power supply system. In the case of IT equipment power consumption cannot be cut, you need to find from the cooling system and power system to conserve electricity.

      In the engine room, in addition to the indispensable IT loads, power consumption of the air conditioning and refrigeration equipment was ranked second. According to expert analysis, a typical data center at the time of initial investment, refrigeration equipment only 6% per cent of investment, but the electricity charges are accounted for in the later 38% of the entire data center electricity charges, was carried out "major power". Therefore, selecting energy-efficient precision cooling system in computer room, data center issues that you must consider.

      When designing refrigeration systems solutions, data centers throughout the room as a whole, from all aspects of the full consideration of energy saving. Introduced to APC NetworkAir precision cooling solutions, for example, it has a modular design, achieving average of temperature and humidity control, each module in the system detects the temperature and humidity information is sent to the host controller, the host controller calculates the average temperature and humidity, and feedback the information to the individual modules. Through the unified model, avoid caused by temperature and humidity variations between different air conditioning part of the refrigeration and air conditioning in the other part part part in heating, humidification and dehumidification, low efficiency so as to prevent conflict operations.

      In addition to the precise cooling system itself, the room’s overall planning should also take full account of how the energy-saving power. Improve the efficiency of the refrigeration system of cold and hot air effectively is the key is case sensitive, ensure IT equipment within the Cabinet to work at normal temperatures. APC made has unique of "hot channel" (Hot Aisle) and "cold channel" (Cold Aisle) of concept, change has past data center machine Cabinet surface towards same direction placed of practices, used "face to face, and back-to-back" of machine Cabinet placed way, so on meet has server, IT device from positive into wind, and from behind row wind of design, to effective to will cold, and hot air partition, avoid front machine Cabinet discharge of hot air and cold air mixed entered rear machine cabinet led to refrigeration effect reduced of problem.

      In a typical data center, cooling efficiency if 20%, is likely to lead to increased electricity consumption as a whole 8%. But if the plan is reasonable, room cooling system energy-saving 20%~30%, 10% per cent of total electricity consumption. Energy saving of power system

      From the rooms on the proportion of electricity distribution, power consumption of the power supply itself also accounted for the proportion of 15%, UPS efficiency of high and low will directly affect the power consumption of the size. APC Silcon company (Hideyasu) UPS, for example, the input power factor of 0.99, and compared to the UPS input power factor of 0.8, significantly reducing the reactive power on the system and the corresponding loss. Efficiency from the UPS itself stresses, APC Silcon UPS efficiency as high as 97%, its own power consumption does not exceed 3%. UPS its inefficiency, must increase the overall electricity consumption, electricity expenditure increases. In addition, if you consider the UPS and oil cooperation, APC Silcon UPS also has a very strong energy saving advantages. Like 40kVA system, if using APC products in conjunction with oil, because the UPS input power up to 0.99, oil, UPS is a pure resistance load, so you only need 50~60KW generators, UPS and oil ratio is 1:1.3.


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