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    Quality Policy:

    ● Quality is our lifeblood
    ● Customer’s satisfaction is our purpose
    ● People-oriented, sustainable growth
    Quality policy implications
    ● Quality is the life of enterprise: life is the pursuit of profits of enterprises; increase of profits is that cost savings; cost is less reducing errors; reducing errors occur less dependent on good training and good practice;       
    ● Customer satisfaction is the purpose of the enterprise: constantly improve customer satisfaction is our pursue;       
    ● People-oriented: with genuinely treat all employees;       
    ● Boost: constantly improve themselves, will get paid to do good, do real, and do fine.
    Environment Policy: 
    ● Enhancing environmental protection, obey the law
    ● Resources usage reasonably and manufacture green product
    ● Promoting pollution prevention, continuous  environmental improvement
    Environmental policy implications
    ● Comply with environment-related laws, regulations and requirements.
    ● Whether conventional or non-conventional businesses, as well as accident when an emergency occurs, such as, have taken measures to prevent environmental pollution, not caused to surrounding areas, community impact.
    ● In all business activities, resource, energy conservation, waste reduction and recycling of resources, efforts to maintain health and improvement of environment.
    ● Developed and is committed to achieving environmental management objectives, programmes and annual management review and external review, promoting the continuous improvement of environment system.
    ● Environment consciousness education for staff, fully aware of the importance of environmental management, and in accordance with the environmental policy actions.

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